African American Multimedia Conference


Mission Statement

To ensure that both individual artists and community arts organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area’s Black Community in Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Vallejo and other Citiesare empowered with the tools they need to tell their stories, and that San Francisco Bay Area Black Voices not be silenced. To achieve this we work to foster within our community, the creation and exhibition of works music, film, video, and digital arts conveying the African American personal and community experience. To encourage through training, consulting, and exhibition programs African American participation in multimedia: film/video, music/audio, and animation; create works in the media arts, and assist media artists with disabilities.

Vision Statement

Our goal for 2020 is to support black artists who live or engage in creative works within San Francisco Bay Area Black Voices, as we consider that our community underrepresented and under-served. It is our artists who represent our culture, and by supporting them, we make known to the larger culture the beauty, history, and depth of
our lives and our struggle. Our objectives (available on our website) include improved outreach to audiences and new publics; further program and service area expansion to San Francisco Bay Area Black communities in Berkeley and Vallejo revitalized and expanded art exhibition.

Beginning date of operations

Iconoclast Productions Started March1993 in the Western Addition. We operated under the fiscal agent of an African American Art and Culture Complex resident organization (first S.O.W.A.C.C., then Go Productions) before we were incorporated as a 501(c)(3) Non Profit in November 2001.

Brief description of programs: 

Annual San Francisco Black Independent Film Festival.  Annual African American Multimedia Conference – a series of panel discussions and hands-on workshops for media artists. We often present holiday music festivals for Juneteenth, Martin Luther King’s Day and Black History Month. One-on-one assistance for artists and arts organizations in our community including help with event planning and organization, marketing, website development, video digitization for Internet, and grant writing.


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  1. I am an African American author who writes urban non-fiction or reality stories. I was hoping to possibly lead a workshop on memoir or creative writing. I would like to be added to the mailing list as well. Thank you.

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