Self-Publishing Workshops

Pre- and Post- Conference Workshops

Self Publishing – A Three Class Series

three writing workshops for the month of February at the Eastmont Branch:

Located in: Eastmont Town Center
Address: 7200 Bancroft Ave #211, Oakland, CA 94605

February 3, February 10 and February 24.

All of the workshops will occur between 5-7 pm.

February 3, 2020 5-7 pmFinishing Your Manuscript: Tips and tricks on how to complete your first draft, how to get feedback on it from beta readers, and prepare it before it goes to the editor. Industry standards for book length, and how following them can help you market your book. Go over the differences in how to prepare a manuscript for a publisher vs. for self-publication. Learn how to cite sources for a non-fiction work or reference guide. How to construct a story arch based upon the three act play structure. How to develop characters, setting and world, and recommended writing guides.

February 10, 2020 5-7 pmPreparing Book Interiors: Learn how to use find and download book interior templates from popular self-publishing and distribution companies like Amazon, Smashwords, Lulu and Kobo. Formatting differences for eBook and print table of contents and interiors can make or break your book’s readability. Learn to categorize your book’s genre properly for best sales results. Learn how to work with proofreaders and editors, whether you hire them or they are your friends and family. Setting timetables for publication can be important, especially if you use pre-releases and advance promotions.

February 24, 2020 5-7 pm Exteriors, Covers and Ads: Graphic designers can be expensive, and finding affordable ones can require strategies on behalf of the author. Templates for covers can hinder marketing efforts. An original cover is important. Learn how to get cheap or free cover art, how to get permission, how to use your own photographs or artwork from a friend or relative, or. SecondLife photography for indie book covers. How to make sure the title is visible in sales layouts online. Learn how to copyright your published work, and where and how to promote it without spamming your friends.


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