Vantablack Black Takeover Music Show

Club Vantablack is having our very own “Black Celebration” in support of Black History month. Co-hosted by Sumiko Saulson. We want to have our local/and touring black musicians, singers, and DJs have their own Club Vantablack takeover. Club Vantablack always stands by POC and will always give them a platform to be heard. We have some great performers coming from all over. This will be the show of the year! Not to be missed. Please spread the word. go/like/share/attend/and bring a friend!

Featuring DJ Mr.Whitefrom the House of Love radio show on

M. Lamar: Voice and piano NEGROGOTHIC

Hometown: Brooklyn,NY BiographyM Lamar is a New York City-based composer, musician, performer, multimedia artist, and counter tenor The New York Times describes his exhibit ‘Negrogothic’ as “a bracing alternative to the dispiriting traffic in blandly competent art clogging the New York gallery system these days, M. Lamar plumbs the depths of all-American trauma with visionary verve.” Hilton Als wrote in The New Yorker of M. Lamar: “he deconstructs the persona of the diva even as he wraps himself in divalike hauteur.”
Lamar was born in Mobile, Alabama, studied painting at the San Francisco Art Institute, attending Yale for graduate school in sculpture before dropping out to focus on music. M. Lamar continues to train vocally with Ira Siff, founder and lead soprano of La Gran Scena Opera Company, who was also Klaus Nomi’s trainer.[6]

Lamar is the twin brother of actress Laverne Cox; in two episodes of the Netflix show Orange Is the New Black, Lamar played his sister’s character prior to her transition. Lamar participated in an open dialogue with authors bell hooks, Marci Blackman, and Samuel R. Delany called Transgressive Sexual Practice as part of hooks’ scholar-in-residence at the New School in October 2014.”Mr. Lamar plumbs the depths of all-American trauma with visionary verve.”The New York Times
“Through his music, he has commented on the legacies of slavery, Jim Crow, slave ships, and lynching.”Vice Magazine
“Lamar’s Goth-postpunk-diva affect is fused with his operatic style to create a mélange that cannot be named.”- KQED

Stagefright, one of the Bay Area’s oldest gothic rock bands, established in 1993, and one of the more prominent African American/Black fronted acts on the Bay Area Gothic Rock scene, performs along with fellow eldergoth act Protea (a Catwave band fronted by Serena Toxicat)
Carolyn Saulson, half of Stagefright’s mother/daughter vocal duet lead, passed away January 14, 2019. Meredith Simon, another African American Gothic vocalist will join the band in Carolyn’s vocal slot, harmonizing with Sumiko Saulson, for this their first show in two years since a San Francisco performance in February 2018.
They are also sponsoring a Black Gothic Takeover to honor Carolyn as a Black Goth Elder. Serena isn’t Black but was like a niece to Carolyn and used to be in Stagefright and will help to honor her dear old friend.

In Retrograde: nowave rock alternative rock darkwave gothic metal gothic rock indie rock post-punk synthpop Location: Sacramento
Late Night Dance Party with DJs:DJ Mr.White hosts the House of Love on Best Frequencies Forever – –
Spooky vendors, art, and tarot readings on the back patio!
10 dollars at the door,- 21 and Over


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