Feature Films

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Grim Ethers Media Presents: Black Minds in Horror by Sy Shanti

An experimental documentary entirely composed of stock footage, stock images, stock sounds, and self-recorded interviewee videos of African American authors, writers, and content creators discussing the genre of Horror in books, TV and film. Featuring Colors in Darkness.

Run time 1:29:12

Gorenos by Clarence Williams

Gorenos is an independent horror film about a young man that becomes haunted by a supernatural entity in the wake of his 18th birthday. Influenced by films like Scream, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Paranormal Activity, Gorenos is a fresh and self-aware entry into the horror genre that boasts a hip and diverse cast of new and established talents

Run time 1:21:29

Creatures from the Pink Lagoon by Chris Daini 

Chris Diani’s Horror/Comedy Creatures from the Pink Lagoon is set in 1967, where a chemical plant near a discreet roadside restroom causes an outbreak of gay zombies. At a nearby beach cottage a group of best friends must fight off the undead.

Run time 71 minutes 

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